7 Point Check List | What To Do After A Car Accident

It's one of those scenarios that you think you would know what to do but, presented with the situation and in a state of shock, would you really know?

At Tweed Coast Nissan, we understand that a little guidance in this rare situation would help you to stay calm and act quickly. Take a note of these steps to follow and keep them in your wallet or glove box, it could come in handy one day.

One - Stop Your Car

If you or anyone else in your car has sustained any injuries that could be made worse with movement, switch off your engine. If everyone is ok, see if you can park your car somewhere away from danger, away from the stream of moving traffic. Once in a safe spot, turn on your hazard lights so other people can see your vehicle. Never drive away after an accident, no matter how insignificant it may initially seem.

Two - Make Sure You're Safe

Give you and any passengers a quick check over to ensure that you don't have any injuries. If you are able, standing at the side of your car, away from the road, in clear vision of other motorists is a better option than sitting in your vehicle. It's a good idea to keep a flash light in your glove box in case of situations like this.

Three - Call For Help

If anyone at the scene requires medical assistance, call emergencies services straight away. Call the police at this point too as your insurer may require a police report.

Four - Collect Information from the Scene

Take photos of the scene, your car, any other vehicles involved and the surrounding area (if appropriate). Note the time and exact location too. Once the police arrive, explain all events to the best of your knowledge.

Five - Exchange Details

It is important to stay calm and, if others were involved in the accident (drivers or pedestrians), try to stay composed when speaking with them. Should the police not be there at this point, collect the details of other people involved, their names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and then registration details, this will allow the authorities to identify other vehicles.

Six - Call Your Insurer

As soon as possible, let your insurer know about the crash and get a claim number from them. Keep a record of this call and all the details you collected from the scene. This will help you to quickly address any questions or queries later on down the track.

Seven - Look After Yourself

You'll probably experience a little shock if you're in a car accident, so your adrenaline levels will be high. Once this subsides you may feel some aches and pains that you didn't feel straight away. It's always best to see a seek medical attention after any car accident, just to ensure you're on the safe side.

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