10 Tried and Tested Road Trip Activities for Kids

If you've been on a long trip with children, you'll appreciate that they simply don't do sitting still in a car very well. So, if you’re planning a road trip of any kind then you need a good entertainment plan. We've put together a top ten list of the best tried and tested activities to keep your little ones happy for longer than the first 10 minutes of your journey!

1. Bring snacks! The most important part of any trip with children is food! Try to keep it relatively healthy too as you don't want that sugar rush to kick in 15 minutes in to the journey. I find popcorn or sultanas are always a good option as it can take a while to eat them!

2. Play 'Would You Rather'. For example, 'Would you rather be a tiny mouse or a giant giraffe?'. Guaranteed to get even sillier as they get further in to the game but it's worth the giggle.

3. Audio books can keep your kids occupied whilst still allowing them to watch the world go by.

4. Buy them a camera; disposable or digital will do the trick. Ask them to document the trip and they can then put the photos in a scrap book when they get home so you will have the memories forever.

5. The 'Guess Who' game is brilliant. Who is in the car next door to you, what is their job, how many in their family, are they happy or sad? This gets them really using their imagination and this is the game that just keeps on giving as every time they see someone they are curious about, they'll start the game off again.

6. Good old activity books are a great way to kill some time. Make sure you get one book per child otherwise you'll be instigating a full-on 'it's my turn' battle!

7. Joke books are a great way for your children to practise their reading out loud skills and for the whole family to have a laugh.

8. Scavenger hunts are a really awesome way to keep the kids entertained (and you as well as I'm sure this will set off your competitive side!). Here is one you can print off: Scavenger Hunt.

9. The Adverbs Game always works for our family. One person in the car covers their ears whilst the remaining people choose an adverb such as Angrily or Happily. The person who is covering their ears then has to ask questions to find out the word and the answers should be said in that manner.

10. A good tip is to start the trip near their bed time. Dependant on the length of your trip, you'll get all or at least a big part of the trip out of the way. And, start the journey the next day by presenting them with a travel pack including colouring books, stickers, puzzles, games and maybe (just a couple of) sweet treats.

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